Podcast Season 2

Season 2 Episode 1- Saoirse & Carmel

On this week’s episode I sit down with mother and daughter duo Carmel and Saoirse, with only 22 years between them they have a uniquely close relationship.

Carmel tells me about her shock pregnancy on Saoirse, finding out she was pregnant on her graduation day as her waters brake as she is headed into the great hall.

We chat through the trauma of her delivery and dealing with a series of horrible medical events that followed them through the years, with Carmel being accused of having Munchausen, of being an over anxious mother and the threat of social services.

They  tell me about the mixed emotions of finally getting the diagnosis they sought for so many years – Cerebral Palsy.

Saoirse tells me how this deeply affected her mental health, how she never felt good enough, sick enough, disabled enough, but also tells me how she came through it the other side , starting and growing a beautiful business with her mother and what the future holds.

These woman are as lovely as they are articulate, their relationship is very beautiful they have been through the mill and back again you can’t help but feel love for them , I wish them nothing but success and health in the future. 

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