Season 3 Episode 14 – Karl

On this weeks episode I sit down with Karl Clinch, Karl talks in the hope of helping others through this awful unless that is addiction. Karl tell’s me how his addiction pulled him apart and stripped him of himself.

He tells me how addiction is a lonely place, it wears you down and alienates you. Karl talks to me about the effect it has had on his family, past relationships and his loved ones.

With the help of his family, Tiglin, NA and AA, Karl is on his journey of sobriety and how with the help of his sponsor will start working through the 12 steps.

Karl bares his soul in this podcast but also tells me of his joy Lennon end Chloe he is determined to do this not only for them but most importantly for himself.

Addiction is destroying families if you are struggling please reach out. #Fuckyourpride 

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