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Episode 2 – Peggy

On this weeks episode I sit down with Peggy, Peggy is a wife, a sister, a mother and a grandmother .

Peggy talks about growing up in the 60s and 70s, childhood responsibilities, being Irish in London and the loss of a sibling through suicide, Scary convents and getting the legs walloped off you.

There was nothing like growing up in the 60s and 70s unless there was……..

Episode 1 – The Courts

On this weeks  episode of the Everywhere We Go podcast I sit down with my oldest friends, three girls who got me out of as much trouble as in. I didn’t remember how we all came together in our little group but what I do remember most of all is that these girls were my ride or die and the time spent with them were some of the best years of my life.

Its been over twenty years since the four of us sat in a room together but the conversation flows quickly from the terrible things ( as my mother said) to Shane Lynch’s eyebrow, getting a kiss off Bella from Fair City and being an awful fridget, running away from home to our still very much tight knit community. There was nothing like going up in Moatview Courts.Unless there was……… 

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Introducing Everywhere We Go

Going forward in a world with new buzz words like fluid situations, the new normal and we remain cautious, a time where so many people are looking for the answers to the big questions.

In the Everywhere We Go podcast I am simply asking you to look back, relive past moments from your childhood,  tell your stories, share your memories, perhaps it will lead you to rekindle lost friendships. Growing up in Moatview Courts made me the person I am today, I had the best mates and we have some stories and I wanted to share those stories with you in the hope that you will hear a bit of your own in ours and just maybe you will want to share them with my audience and I.