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Episode 7 – Elaine

On this week’s episode I sit down with Elaine Healy, Elaine is one of the most tenacious  mothers I have ever had the privilege to chat with. I came across her Instagram a few months ago and instantly fell in love with her two beautiful children.

Elaine is an autism mom of two, we talk candidly  about the hurdles and heartbreak, the blame, guilt and judgement that come with each diagnosis.

I hear about the invaluable support of her family and her indestructible marriage to her rock Brian. Elaine is open and honest as we chat through the day to day life of an autism mom.

We talk about why she started her blog Life upside down and how she doesn’t want any other mammy to feel so alone.

We talk about Brian’s recent diagnosis and how him coming out is helping so many others. We chat through her fears and hopes for the future, the importance of support and the family service dog Milo.

Elaine is fierce, genuine devoted and inspirational, there is no sugar-coating with Elaine what you see is what you get and those babies happiness and safety come first in her house. 

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Episode 5 – Louise Part 2

On last weeks episode of the Everywhere We Go Podcast, We left Louise at the Turkish border.

This weeks see’s her courageous journey to find May and try to get them both to safety which, is no mean feat. When all options are exhausted, they set their trust in a group of people that no-one could ever imagine setting the trust in.

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Episode 4 – Louise Part 1

This week on the Everywhere We Go podcast I sit down with Louise Monaghan. 

Louise’s Story left me speechless on countless occasions, a childhood plighted by sexual abuse. The horrific death box her mother, her only confidant and best friend.
A tragedy that suffocated her in the confidents of a small town which lead to her escape to Cyprus for a new life and, a new Louise.

It’s here she meets Mustafa she falls hard and fast. a relationship that from the beginning is built on lies and deceit, quickly turns to violence and develops into an unspeakable chain of events. 

These events she wouldn’t have got through without her pure love for her child, her story is one of bravery and resilience, strength and endurance a story of a mother who is willing to protect her child with the price of her own life.

A story of a bond between two sisters that I could only ever imagine. A surreal story that needs to be heard to be believed. 

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Episode 3 – The Five Lamps

This week on the Everywhere We Go podcast I sit down lifelong friends, 3 girls who are the  definition of girl gang.

A friendship that. could be envied by some and recognised by others, a friendship tested by pregnancy psychosis, a time when they could have given up on each other but instead worked hard to come out the other side as friends and who’s core values are just to be kind.

We chat through the good times the bad times and the bits between, from Sister Veronicas Sherkin Island, to the getting serenaded by Elton John. Nearly getting arrested on Christmas Eve, the Buffalo G days and to what they really mean to each other.

Editing this one I really fell in love with the girls and I know you will too. 

There was nothing like growing up in the Five Lamps unless there was………..

Episode 2 – Peggy

On this weeks episode I sit down with Peggy, Peggy is a wife, a sister, a mother and a grandmother .

Peggy talks about growing up in the 60s and 70s, childhood responsibilities, being Irish in London and the loss of a sibling through suicide, Scary convents and getting the legs walloped off you.

There was nothing like growing up in the 60s and 70s unless there was……..

Episode 1 – The Courts

On this weeks  episode of the Everywhere We Go podcast I sit down with my oldest friends, three girls who got me out of as much trouble as in. I didn’t remember how we all came together in our little group but what I do remember most of all is that these girls were my ride or die and the time spent with them were some of the best years of my life.

Its been over twenty years since the four of us sat in a room together but the conversation flows quickly from the terrible things ( as my mother said) to Shane Lynch’s eyebrow, getting a kiss off Bella from Fair City and being an awful fridget, running away from home to our still very much tight knit community. There was nothing like going up in Moatview Courts.Unless there was……… 

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Introducing Everywhere We Go

Going forward in a world with new buzz words like fluid situations, the new normal and we remain cautious, a time where so many people are looking for the answers to the big questions.

In the Everywhere We Go podcast I am simply asking you to look back, relive past moments from your childhood,  tell your stories, share your memories, perhaps it will lead you to rekindle lost friendships. Growing up in Moatview Courts made me the person I am today, I had the best mates and we have some stories and I wanted to share those stories with you in the hope that you will hear a bit of your own in ours and just maybe you will want to share them with my audience and I.