Month: October 2021

Season 3 Episode 14 – Karl

On this weeks episode I sit down with Karl Clinch, Karl talks in the hope of helping others through this awful unless that is addiction. Karl tell’s me how his addiction pulled him apart and stripped him of himself.

He tells me how addiction is a lonely place, it wears you down and alienates you. Karl talks to me about the effect it has had on his family, past relationships and his loved ones.

With the help of his family, Tiglin, NA and AA, Karl is on his journey of sobriety and how with the help of his sponsor will start working through the 12 steps.

Karl bares his soul in this podcast but also tells me of his joy Lennon end Chloe he is determined to do this not only for them but most importantly for himself.

Addiction is destroying families if you are struggling please reach out. #Fuckyourpride 

Season 3 Episode 13 – Paloma

On this week’s episode, I sit down with Paloma Lynch.

Paloma, originally from Coolock, talks to me about even as a child she felt different and how her mind compelled her to act out, and how those actions lead her down a very dangerous path to heroin use and drug trafficking and eventually been sent to prison at just 17 years of age.

She talks about leaving prison for Cyprus to get away from everything but her mind still controlling her with other addictions and eating disorders.

After meeting James’s father John and the introduction to her liquid form of heroin – wine. Paloma headed down another dangerous path. Losing John to murder then losing her mind and nearly her life, Paloma went to rehab for the final time where she found her savior.

When Paloma come into my life nearly 20 years ago she was the most fragile person I have ever met and over the years even though we lost contact she was always on my mind you’ll have to forgive me the way I gush over her in this episode but she deserves it all and I’m so proud to have her back in my life and as a friend.

Season 3 Episode 12 – Ruth

On this week’s episode, I sit down that Ruth Barry.

This was one of the most eye-opening sit down’s I have ever had.

Ruth wears her story well, no longer in active addiction, Ruth has encountered more tragedies than bears thinking.

When she was just 11 years of age Ruth’s sister, her idol, dies in a horrific incident that rocked Ruth’s family and started her on her journey of self-destruction and addiction.

Ruth faced tragedy after tragedy through her years in addiction and it was while in prison that Ruth made the decision to get clean and threw herself into every opportunity prison life gave her to get sober.

Ruth’s story is as heartbreaking as it is powerful, the woman in front of me fought her way out of addiction and saved herself with the tools prison gave her, She continues to save herself every day with the help of good people, running, and Reiki but above all the love of her children.