Season 4 Episode 1 – Kim

On this week’s episode, I said down with Kim Hall.

Kim talks to me about the death of her mother by suicide Kim’s mother suffered from postnatal depression and depression, her manic episodes resulted in her being hospitalized throughout Kim’s young life.

Kim’s mother was abandoned by the mental health services releasing Kim’s mother into the hands of her 15-year-old daughter.

Kim experienced many of her mother’s suicide attempts and in the end, Kim‘s mother succeeded in her attempts leaving a 16-year-old Kim and her sisters behind.

Throughout the conversation, Kim’s love for her mother is palpable Kims outlook on life today is one of gratitude, determination, and positivity. She is an absolute credit to herself, she has worked so hard to be the woman she is today.

Kim has launched an initiative to help others in her community which are walk and talk sessions she set this up in honor of her mother to offer people a safe place to talk.

Kim, you’re an absolute inspiration your heart is so pure Thank you for sitting down with me and sharing your mother Rachel’s story.

Season 3 Episode 21 – Denise Philips

On this week’s episode, I sit down with Denise Philips.

I always wondered about Denise where she got her fight, determination and outlook on life. I couldn’t put my finger on it but I always knew there was something about Denise and it wasn’t until this podcast I find my answers

Denise is a warrior, not just an IVF Warrior but as she opens up for the first time about grief.

The death of her boyfriend at just 23 years of age and the rekindling of a relationship with Mark in the mists of his struggle with addiction.

Denise has been through so much and for her to go on and build a hugely successful business and brand, be the wonderful mother and wife we see today is a testament to her strength, empathy, and determination.

Thank you Denise for sharing with us, you deserve every bit of happiness you have today

Season 3 Episode 20 – Barry & Gillian

On this week’s episode, I sit down with Gillian and Barry. This episode could’ve been done one on one but I wanted to speak to them as a couple, it also could’ve been done in many parts as we didn’t get to talk about everything this couple has been through. Barry from Belfast met Gillian on a night out and their journey took them from Belfast to Dublin, onto Australia, and back Belfast and Dublin again as they try to escape the hold depression had on Barry. Working on the sites led to an injury that started Barry on a rollercoaster true depression blackhole episodes and suicidal thoughts. Barry’s last hope was a Psilocybin in a clinical trial but his mum passed away and Barry was too sick to attend. A chance Facebook invite to a retreat save Barry’s life forever. The love between these two is palpable they have been through the wringer and out the other side if I ever struggle it’s These to you would want in my corner.

Season 3 Episode 19 – Nicole & Mary

On this week’s episode, I sit down with Mary and Nicole.

Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, Mary sits off-camera, We are also joined by Natasha who is a social care leader on the foster social work team.

This week starts a recruitment campaign for foster carers in Dublin South Central. Nicole was fostered I just six years of age after a horrific incident with a needle left at her home she talks to me about how this life-changing moment set her on her way to help other vulnerable children by being the one good adult in their life.

Mary’s story is a bit more sensitive she fosters her grandson she has fostered him since he was a baby she talks about the absolute joy she brings and how she would urge anyone else to do the same.

They are over 5000 children in foster care right now and so many vulnerable children in our communities and all they need is that one good adult there are so many different fostering opportunities are you ready to start raising amazing.

For more information on fostering please visit or freephone 1800 226 771 

Season 3 Episode 18 – David

On this weeks episode I sit down with David O Reilly.

David is one of Ireland’s biggest exports to the west end, from Greece, to the book of Mormon and heading to LA next year to start in everybody’s talking about Jamie.

However when we sit down we strip it back to growing up in Ireland, how he was horrifically bullied for being gay and the effect bullying had on not only on him but on his family.

We talk about the huge love and support from his mum and dad and a beautiful relationship with his brother Joe. We talk about moving from Kilnamanagh to Lucan and how his life changed when he headed to the UK to follow his dreams.

We talk about landing his role in Greece, starring in Benidorm and performing alongside Jennifer Saunders and many more.

As With every podcast, David has opened my eyes to a different way of thinking and I had a couple of lightbulb moments.

David I love to chat thank you for being so open and honest with me.

Season 3 Episode 17 – Ruth Dungan

On this week’s episode, I sit down with Ruth Dungan.

Ruth talks to me about her struggles with conceiving. After a devastating journey through IVF, she watched Rosanna Davidson on the Late Late talking about having her baby through surrogacy and, Ruth thought we can do that and started to work on the process.

She talks to me about the horrible effects infertility can have on a couple: why me and why us.

She talks to me about the process of surrogacy, the overwhelming elation of getting handed her Lottie, and the surprise devastation for her surrogate, she talks to me about her non-existing rights as a mother and the campaigning they are doing to change this.

Season 3 Episode 16 – Paul Stenson

On this week’s episode, I sit down with Paul Stenson.

This is an emotionally charged episode, 15 minutes in I want to reach across the table and hug him.

As Paul sit across from me I soon find out that behind the Charleville lodge Paul and the white moose café Paul, is a man who has struggled for a very long time, struggled with his shame of being gay, struggled with adoption and struggled with alcohol.

Paul talks to me about these struggles and how with the help of a counselor he channeled these struggles into positives and into a hugely successful business with his solely owned white moose cafés.

We talk about the controversy and the PR stunts that have resulted in him and never having to pay a penny for advertising.

The Irish Times once described Paul as being the charmless proprietor of the publicity-hungry Charleville lodge but Paul is utterly charming simply someone who has coined the art of not giving a shit.

Paul thank you for sitting down with me and letting us get to know you that bit better

Season 3 Episode 15 – Arlene

On this weeks episode I sit down with Arlene Bailey.

Arlene, at just 16 years of age left her home in Sallins to head on the road as a singer in a band.

Arlene talks to me about her life on the road and a pressure of travelling the world had on her, her body and her mind. She tells me about her darkest times an how at one point she contemplating suicide but, she also tell me about her highlights and her time in Nashville and the Middle East. She talks to me about being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and how she’s finally in a place where she now understands herself yourself and how performing keeps her going.

Season 3 Episode 14 – Karl

On this weeks episode I sit down with Karl Clinch, Karl talks in the hope of helping others through this awful unless that is addiction. Karl tell’s me how his addiction pulled him apart and stripped him of himself.

He tells me how addiction is a lonely place, it wears you down and alienates you. Karl talks to me about the effect it has had on his family, past relationships and his loved ones.

With the help of his family, Tiglin, NA and AA, Karl is on his journey of sobriety and how with the help of his sponsor will start working through the 12 steps.

Karl bares his soul in this podcast but also tells me of his joy Lennon end Chloe he is determined to do this not only for them but most importantly for himself.

Addiction is destroying families if you are struggling please reach out. #Fuckyourpride 

Season 3 Episode 13 – Paloma

On this week’s episode, I sit down with Paloma Lynch.

Paloma, originally from Coolock, talks to me about even as a child she felt different and how her mind compelled her to act out, and how those actions lead her down a very dangerous path to heroin use and drug trafficking and eventually been sent to prison at just 17 years of age.

She talks about leaving prison for Cyprus to get away from everything but her mind still controlling her with other addictions and eating disorders.

After meeting James’s father John and the introduction to her liquid form of heroin – wine. Paloma headed down another dangerous path. Losing John to murder then losing her mind and nearly her life, Paloma went to rehab for the final time where she found her savior.

When Paloma come into my life nearly 20 years ago she was the most fragile person I have ever met and over the years even though we lost contact she was always on my mind you’ll have to forgive me the way I gush over her in this episode but she deserves it all and I’m so proud to have her back in my life and as a friend.